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tv   Freedomworks Hosts Rally to Call for Affordable Care Act Repeal  CSPAN  March 17, 2017 10:14am-11:25am EDT

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health care law. kentucky republican senator rand paul was among the speakers who criticized house republican leaders calling them weak-kneed, adding the health care law replacement is rittled with problems. other speakers include senator ted cruz, congressman mark meadows and utah senator mike lee. this is just over an hour. >> we are live on sirius xm satellite radio, the patriot channel, channel 125, i'm andrew wilkow, host of wilkow majority. we're broadcasting coast to coast, all 50 states. your voice will be heard by millions upon millions of people listening to the radio right now. let's begin the program with our friend, president and ceo of freedomworks, adam brandon.
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adam brandon, let's give it up for adam! >> i think the wind chill is clocking in at about 13 degrees. i appreciate everyone for being here. so i just wanted to start. i saw there is a vietnam vet. are there any other vets here? are there any other first responders? police, fire? thank you everybody. i am going to jump up very quickly. we have senator rand paul who will follow me. was anyone here in 2009 when we had the first march? i think i remember the topic back then was repealing and replacing obamacare. now we have to finish it. i'm a big football fan. we are at the 5 yard line. the game is not over. we have a score.
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this is our time to repeal obamacare. but it is not going to happen unless you guys are doing what you are doing today and you are going and telling them in person. so over there is where mitch mcconnell works. when mitch mcconnell was running for re-election his campaign theme was we are going to tear up obamacare root and branch. so i am looking at this crowd right now and i believe we are here to help him keep his campaign promise. so please, folks, i appreciate you coming here. i appreciate you taking the time. i appreciate your hard work. please remember obamacare is not going to go down unless you guys help put it across the finish line. with that, we are going to be bringing up -- andrew, are you introducing? >> that's the job, right? that's what you brought me here for. >> thank you for coming and braving these temperatures.
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>> i have been doing events with freedomworks for about six years. one of the heroes of this movement has been a man who hold s conservative libertarian principles and unlike these guys waiting to be told by paul ryan what to do he came up with his own plan. without further ado, senator rand paul. >> hey, guys! you know what they are saying? you know what they are telling us? they are telling us that you campaigned for obamacare-lite and that you want partial repeal. they are telling us that you want to keep some of obamacare taxes.
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they're telling us that they want you -- that you want to keep the obamacare subsidies. they're telling us that you want to keep the individual mandate. but it's worse. it's worse. they are telling you that instead of paying the government the mandate, they want you to pay a penalty if you lose your job or lose your insurance, they want you to pay a penalty to a billion dollar insurance company. this bill is riddled from top to bottom with problems. basically, they admit that they are not going to fix the problem of rising insurance premiums and that when the premiums continue to rise the government will continue to pay you money to pay the insurance company money.
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this is not about you. it's about reimbursing a billion dollar insurance industry. so there is a way that we completely change the equation. right now if each of you want to go and buy insurance and you are in a small business when you get to the insurance company what is the first thing they tell you to do? kiss my boots. they tell you take it or leave it. you know how we give you the power? we give you the power to join a group where you can get your insurance through a large buying group. how many people are in the nra?
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there is probably five, six, seven, maybe ten million people in the nra. what if we let you buy your insurance through the nra? what if you had the head of the nra call up the insurance company? you know what's going to happen? instead of us kissing the boots of the insurance industry they are going to bow down and going to get on one knee and give us what we want, good prices. when you get sick you get kicked off, that only happens if you buy insurance as an individual. let's let everybody join a group. we will get lower prices. but you know what? it won't be a government mandate. it would be the market place working. it would be all of us joining together and we would have the power to do this. the problem is this, though. the leadership in the house is weak kneed and they are afraid
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to lead with freedom and capitalism so they are giving you something that is half as much as obamacare but doesn't fix the problems. what we have to do is the freedom caucus 40 of the best conservative members. you will hear from some of them. you need to tell them you want them to stand firm. you want to bring down the paul ryan plan and then what we want is freedom. we want to be free of obamacare completely. the battle is just beginning. this is the very beginning of the battle, not the end of the battle. but i promise you they will not negotiate until they discover
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they don't have the votes. when they discover they don't have our votes and do not have your votes. so when you go home activate your e-mail network, call your neighbors, tell them to call any of the weak kneed republicans that every damn one of us got out there and worked for that we were not campaigning for obamacare-lite. we don't want any of it. thank you for everything you do. i will never forget that the first campaign rally, the first campaign rally that i ever went to was a tea party rally in my town of kentucky and 800 people showed up. you have the power but you have to be more vocal. they have forgotten how they got here.
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we won the house. we are in charge in the house because of you. they need to not forget that it was the tea party that put them in power. we don't want anything to do with obamacare subsidies, taxes, mandates. we don't want to bail out the insurance companies. we want freedom to get lower prices and buy the insurance we want for our families. i will keep fighting. hang in there. >> senator rand paul! you know what is funny about the tea party. i was there in 2009. the tea party was born on kitchen tables across the country. and not that i would, but if i had worked for hillary clinton i would have been in the field position on the ground when bill clinton said obamacare is the craziest thing.
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you got all of these people that too much to be subsidized and not enough to afford. he was right. he was absolutely right that what the government had done was make something unaffordable to people who were affording it. the people who do their check books at the kitchen table, who run their small businesses at the kitchen table, tea party patriots is a kitchen table tea party organization. so let me bring up co-founder and president jenny beth martin. >> thank you so much for being here. it is so cold today. i am from atlanta and this is cold. guys, it was seven years ago next week that we stood on that lawn and then on the other side and we told them not to pass
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obamacare. how many of you were here that weekend? when we found out that congressman stewpak was caving, not that we were completely surprised, when we found out it was sunday afternoon and i told those of you who were left on the other side of the capitol that we would repeal this law. i didn't know how. i knew we were determined and we were going to do it. and it is funny. i didn't say we were going to repair it. we never wanted the government to take over our health care. we want health care freedom. that's what we stood for then. that's what we stood for in 2010, in 2012, in 2014, in 2016 and again here today.
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when we helped and our values helped congress on the house side get the majority, they came back and told us we can't repeal obamacare because we only have one half of one-third of the government. so we rolled up our sleeves and got back to work. and in 2012 obamacare and the repeal of obamacare was not a center piece of the campaign for the presidential candidate and we didn't have the results that we had later and in 2010. but in 2014 we helped again with our values deliver the senate with the intention to repeal obamacare. and then they said, well, we only have one-third of the government so we still can't repeal obamacare. now we help them get president
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trump in the white house. he's the man who made campaign promises and working to keep campaign promises. and somehow now congress from both the house and the senate side are telling us that an unelected paid senate staffer can determine what goes in the reconciliation bill. now they are saying we may not be able to repeal because we don't control the parliamentarian. we have learned that is not correct. first, reconciliation which requires only 51 votes to pass in the senate has to do the things to do and must do with the federal budget.
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i contend anything having to do with insurance company mandates which are driving the cost of insurance up around the country and will continue to do so will have to do with the federal budget especially if you are giving up tax credits to pay for those insurance premiums. they need to repeal that. they need to repeal obamacare. it effects the budget. they need to fight for it. they need to explain why it effects the budget and they need to remember that they are fighting for the forgotten man or woman in the country who has been left behind time after time by washington, d.c. that's why we are here today 7 1/2 years ago i was with adam brandon on the front lawn in september of the capitol.
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just mentioned how we said that day can you hear us now. they made fun of us, mocked us, maligned us, they did everything they could to destroy us, they sicked the irs on us and we're still standing. we have someone who is willing to fight for our values who isn't afraid to fight for our values in the white house. we need to help him keep his promises and we need to make sure that congress keeps theirs. today they want to copy us and imitate us because we are successful and have made a difference. today we can't stop. we must continue. we must continue to make our voices heard. apparently the leadership in both the house and senate has not quite heard us yet. apparently they did not get the
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message in november when donald trump became president trump against all odds. we're making a difference. we are going to continue. go in these buildings, talk to your congressmen, talk to your senator. remind them we expect them to repeal obamacare. we want to help them replace it with a framework based on free markets that will lower the cost of health insurance premiums and not cause them to continue to sky rocket. while you are at it, the senate republicans -- look, our philosophy is stand with people when they do the right thing. hold them accountable when they don't. there is something we can hold the senate republicans. we can thank them for and encourage them. they helped last year keep the supreme court seat open until the election.
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the american people spoke. thank them for that. tell them to confirm neil gorsuch. we have post cards and petitions back there. as you look at the cameras to the right if you want to pick any of those up to deliver. and if you will, if you are able to i know it is cold, but if you are able to text full repeal to 388873 i'll make sure freedomworks gets your names and numbers. you will get a reply and enter your e-mail address. i'll make sure they know who is out here today. we appreciate everything you are doing. we are going to make sure that congress keeps their promises. thank you for making your voices heard for the last eight years. i'm so proud of you and so
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thankful for you. congress, keep your promises! keep your promises! keep your promises! keep your promises! thank you so much! >> jenny beth martin. now, ted cruz is on his way. and again we are broadcasting live on sirius xm satellite radio, patriot channel, channel 125. one small thing i thought would be a good idea before we bring up ted cruz because he is on his way. you see how rand is moving. we rarely ever ask doctors what they think of obamacare. do they think they are functions of government, functions of the
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establishment of either parties? i would say most of them say no. freedomworks actually has its own doctor. you want to hear from a doctor? dr. chad mathis please tell everyone what it is like to be a doctor with obamacare. >> hello. i got a quick question. any of y'all forgot to tell the senate majority leader that we won? no? okay. like i said, like he said, i am a doctor in birmingham, alabama. like so many of my fellow doctors, we like taking care of patients. we like taking care of our families. back in 2007 we put our heads up and realized that something was going on in washington.
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cash for clunkers, bailouts. it was terrible. we rolled up our sleeves, all of you did, and got to work and elected republicans and won on the house. and then we won in the senate. and now we elected donald trump president of the united states. it is time for leadership. and while i do agree with the speaker of the house that it is a three-pronged approach with r reconciliation, repeal, rolling back regulations and new health care legislation like rand paul's legislation, well, in the house they have had a lot of practice on the first step and practice makes perfect. almost 60 times they passed some form of repeal.
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but in 2015 they got all the way through the senate and got it to the president's desk and he vetoed it. well, they are not going to see it again because they are afraid of the parliamentarian. i think they are more afraid of the parliamentarian than they were of president obama. this swamp needs draining. the muck and mire of this place with special interests and bloated bureaucracies has got us legislation that talks about individual mandates that are now insurance mandates, continuing medicaid subsidies and taxpayer funded subsidies to individuals. these are new entitlements. this is crazy. we need real leadership. so listen. the fundamentals of seeing a
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patient haven't changed. we still see the patient, take a history, do a physical exam, diagnostic testing and come up with a plan. but the more government is involved the more expensive it gets. the more expensive it gets the more of your hard earned dollars don't go to things you want and that keeps our economy from growing. it hurts the people the most that our president wants to help, the working families of america. so go talk to your legislators. tell them it is time to lead. it is time for bold action. ask them to repeal and replace obamacare with patient-centered forums. thank you so much. god bless. >> look, we have special snow flakes. i'm actually surprised there are no counter protesters but then again it's cold out here and,
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you know, how many of you have heard of the freedom caucus? my friends in the freedom caucus stopped by. how many of you have actually read some of these cbo reports? they are pretty boring but based on a huge amount of speculation and theory. this effect that if this happens that will happen and all dominos go down and this is what something will cost. on the air the other day we read aloud the revised 2014 cbo story of obamacare and it didn't save 1.5 trillion, it spent 1.5 trillion over ten years. not medicaid, not medicare, not other welfare programs.
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the subsidies alone according to the cbo spent $1.5 trillion. this is our last opportunity to stop establishment care or what i like to called radar -- the freedom caucus is the group that can stop this bill. please welcome my friend representative mark meadows. >> hello deplorables. it is so good to see you! i even have a meadows for congress sign way back there in the back. i thank you guys for coming out. i know the cold weather -- it's either extremely hot or extremely cold when you get here.
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but thank you, guys. for all of you guys that came from north carolina, i tell you what, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we are standing in the fight with you. this is about you. it's not about any member of congress or any senator. it's really about the american people and all of you fighting for what is true, what is right and truly for freedom. so thank you so much. you know, there is a whole lot that is to be said about the forgotten man or forgotten woman. and the freedom caucus is here to make sure that those forgotten men and women, the forgotten factory workers, forgotten construction workers, forgotten teachers, that we are here to stand with them to make sure that we take back this country for the constitution for our god and for our freedom. i thank you so much for being here.
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and i'm here to tell you that your voice matters because just a few days ago they were saying that there were going to be no amendments to this gop plan. but all of a sudden now because the voice of the american people has truly been heard they are going to start to see it and will start to reform it in a way that really repeals and really replaces obamacare every single bit of it. now, i would also say that when we are here today, when we were campaigning and we talked about repealing obamacare we didn't say we were going to keep part of it. we said we were going to repeal it all. don't you think now is the time to do that? so i would encourage you to thank the president for keeping
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his promise because in the end we are going to repeal it. we are going to repeal it all. now, i also want to say this. when the going gets rough there are only a few people that are willing to stand and take it in the chin. and you know what? when you do it may send you back home to north carolina or ohio or virginia or wherever. if we do the right thing even if it sends us home it is the right thing for the american people. it is the right thing for our country and now is the time to stand up. we'll be judged on one thing and it is not a cbo score. it is really not on even keeping our word even though we will be judged on that. it will be if premiums don't come down then we will have
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failed and that is the only number that matters when you open up your insurance bill, if it is lower ten years from now substantially low elower, then will have succeeded. but i am going to introduce a dear friend of mine, a guy that is a two-time national champion wrestler who knows what it is like to get on the mat and really fight it out, a man who is not afraid to say how it is, one of my best friends in congress, the gentleman from ohio, the previous chair of the freedom caucus, jim jordan. >> thank you. thank you so much. you know, the left is having protests around the countries but the protests that matter the most are the ones you are all involved with in 2010, 2014 and 2016 where you spoke loudly and
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clearly time to get rid of this law. so i just came here to say thank you for your attitude. thank adam and the entire team for all the good work you have been doing for six years now. six years we have been fighting this. the time is now to get it done. you have the attitude. you know the story, israelites are camped against the philistines. every day the philistine giant issued the challenge who will fight goliath. the israelites response was he is so big we can never defeat him but david's response was he is so big i can't miss. that has been your attitude. a focus on freedom, a focus on liberty and now is the time to get it done. i just thought of one other story. how many of you ever seen the musical "1776"? ever seen that show?
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great show. one of the shows we love. there in independence hall when the founders decided they were going to declare to the world why it was appropriate to do what they were getting ready to do. and adams is the driving force behind it. the scene that i always remember is jefferson has written the declaration. they are doing what congresses are supposed to do. they are marking it up and amending it and changing it. they are marking it up. one member says we need to change this section. because when king george sees this it might be offensive to him. adams rolls his eyes. another member stands up and says in this particular section we need to change it. this one sentence could be a little strong for parliament, we need to amend this. adams rolls his eyes again. a third member says this paragraph has to go all together because this could jeopardize our deep sea fishing rights off
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the coast of carolina. finally, adams can't take it anymore and says it's a revolution thing, we're going to have to offend somebody. that has been your attitude. our job is to stand for the truth. we make our job too complicated sometimes. our job is simple. do what you sent us to do. now is the time to get that done. thank you and god bless you. >> representative jim jordan. so we got the eta on ted cruz being approximately five minutes. they said can you fill some time in? i speak for three hours every day. i said this is clearly not a problem. by the way, one of the things we are leaving out somebody asked me what is that green line flag you are wearing on your head.
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i said it is the border patrol. we have not mentioned amnesty and open borders and immigration reform as it relates to health care. i pointed out to you before i brought up mark meadows that the cbo in revised scoring showed subsidies would cost $1.47 trillion. when the cbo scored senate bill 744, the amnesty bill, they made the assumption that a bigger workforce automatically meant higher tax revenues. and then the assumption in washington became if we are going to spend 1.4 trillion we have to get more people working. except how can the cbo know what the workforce of ten years from now is going to look like or 20 years from now is going to look
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like? if the cbo is scoring a bill related to whether or not the government should give everybody a telephone in their home, could they even know what telephones would look like 20 years later? they would have no idea. there would be a thing called an iphone or samsung galaxy or whatever it is. if this bill isn't stopped, if the government continues to run health care which, by the way, is of course mentioned in the constitution. it's in the good and plenty clause, i think. what is health care going to look like if the other factions get their way and there is amnesty? that assumption that every single person that comes here from wherever they come from in
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a nonmerit based system -- we have to take a break? as far as radio world goes we are taking a break. we are broadcasting live. we will be back in two minutes. good. we want to make sure we get that break out so ted cruz's whole speech gets on the air. what will the health care system look like after amnesty? donald trump says no amnesty and there is going to be a wall. i don't know, how long until paul ryan gets his hands on that one? because if you remember 11 years ago under president bush the republicans passed a law that bush signed that was supposed to build a wall 11 years ago. is there a wall? so funny thing happened on the way to the senate, right? before we bring up -- oh, boy.
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thank god we are in break because all you would be hearing is wind in this microphone. throughout the campaign i referred to rand paul and ted cruz as intellectual constitutional conservatives because they are. it's not mean spirited, narrow minded, angry -- none of you are angry, right? you are passionate, not angry. to say, hey, the word health care doesn't appear in the constitution. the word education does not appear in the constitution. we're not asking for anything extreme when we say give us a constitutional government. now, the funny thing is, if i can get inside donald trump's head, i would say that paul ryan
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is trying to pass a bill that is going to be called trump care. and if paul ryan's bill fails they are going to blame you. notice the medicaid expansion sunset in 2020 and not when so many republicans will be running for re-election, but when the t president is running for reelection. if we were to go back to the 10th amendment and if donald trump said i don't want to own this thing, you states are going to run this, and you are going to own this, you governors are going to be handling this and you state assemblymen and state senators, and all right, we are coming back live on the air in five, four, three, two, one. all right. we are live broadcasting live from upper senate park for
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freedom works day of action, and we've been storming congress. in front of me right now, you can't see this on the radio obviously, but it is an ocean of people in red base bball caps tt say storm congress. but back to what i was saying during the break, the states could easily run their own health care system and the president wouldn't own anything. meaning, they couldn't saddle his name, his legacy, his re-election with the bill they design that is going to work just like obamacare. oh, whoa, e whwhoa, whoa, hold andrew. the penalties will be collected by the insurance company, and oh, oh, excuse me, the 30%
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penalty to be collected by the insurance company, and wow. thank you. you want to? dave ratz. i don't want to start a speech to cut off a speech. we are waiting for ted cruz, and what is the eta now? he is going to be 30 seconds? you nknow it is cold out here, right? i am working it. i'm filling. oh, wait. you mean that the states are going to expand the medicaid? you mean that the government is still going to be playing mother may i? how is that different from ob a obamaca obamacare, and look me right in the face, and they say it is conservative bill andrew, conservative bill. well, i looked under the skirt, and it is not a conservative
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bill. how on earth and if it walks like and quacks like a -- it is -- yeah. i guess that in crazy world when you have a bill kree yay yated by the republicans that wosrks exactly like a bill created by democrats you say, that is a democrat bill. you can tell me that it self-identifies as a republican bill. but you know what, i saw its part, and i don't want to go on a date with it. i don't want to live with it. i don't want to marry it. i don't even want to look at it. the amazing thing is that they keep telling us that this is conservative, and yet, it is still putting health kcare in te hands of the federal -- and now one more opoint. does anybody believe that if the
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democrats take the house tor th senate in 2018 they are not going to be obliterate whatever little differences there is between the aca and the aha? if chuck schumer and nancy pe low si get their way, that 2020 medicaid expansion is going to go to 20 -- whenever. those penalties will be 30% to 60%. and you know what they will say? we have to have single payer. if you think that we are not on the way to single payer, if this bill passes, you are out of your mind. all right. in cedar rapids, iowa, i did an event with a bunch of people, rick santorum, and carly fiorina and they gave great speechesk
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bi never saw the crowd reaction and the thunderer and the passion that i saw when we brought up the next speaker who is making his way here. when i said the name senator ted cruz, it sounded a lot like t t that. so without further ado, senator ted cruz. >> god bless each and every one of you. now, let me say that we have provided for our friends in the media definitive proof that the election of conservatives across the federal government has ended
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global warming. of course, that is liable to make the media more ononery. and if there had been a democrat, we would have had hot weather. and i want to the say thank you for being here. thank you for braving the cold. and thank you for standing up and fighting for freedom. every one of you, this victory is your victory. in november, democrats were shocked. the immediamedia was shocked. although i repeat myself.
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and millions of hardworking men and women across this country rose up and said enough is enough and we have a mandate for change. and i stand here today incredibly optimistic and energized. we have the opportunity to do an enormous amount of good. now, we could screw it up. we could very oozi easily screw up, but we are poised to be the most productive congress in decades, and there are four big things on the agenda for 2017, and the first and the most important is that we must honor our promise and repeal obamacare. for six years republicans have
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campaigned over and over and over again saying that if only you give us the house, we will repeal obamacare. if only you give us the senate, we will repeal obamacare, and if only you give us the white house, we will repeal obamacare. well, you know what? we are out of excuses. the time for talk is over, and now is the time for action. and i have to tell you that i think that failure is not an option. if republicans take this opportunity and blow it, we will rightly be considered a laughingstock. so we can't do that, and i will tell you that the leaders who have been here, and the leaders who have been addressing you today have been on the front lines fighting to take the house plan which has a lot of problems, and to try to make it
10:59 am
real repeal which gives you real control over your health care. i believe that we can get it done. i can tell you in the last week, four days i have been at the white house meeting with the president, with the vice president, and the administration, and house members, and with senators and saying that we have got to get it done, and with your support, you are all here to talk to your elected representative, and the most important message for all of us to hear from you is that we have to deliver on the promises that we need real repeal. and the test for success is going to be premiums. you look at why people are frustrated with obamacare and a lot of reasons, but the biggest reason is that premiums have skyrocketed and people can't afford their health care. barack obama promised the
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average family's premiums would drop $2,500 a year. in fact, the average family's premiums have risen $5,000 a year. that is what i hear over and over again from texans, we can't afford quality health kcare for our kids, for our family. the test for a republican repeal of obamacare is do we drive down premiums? do we make health care more affordable for the american people? we can do that, but only if we repeal the obamacare insurance mandate. the mandates drive the premiums through the roof, and we have to repeal them, and repeal them now. a second critical element before us in 2017 is reform. almost every single cabinet
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member i have spoken to is reg reform. i believe that this administration's commitment to reg reform is genuine and real, and one thing that we can all agree on about this president, he wants to be bold. and i am, and i will tell you of all of the issues that i am perhaps most optimistic about reg reform, i think that we will see and we have seen the beginnings of it, and over the rest of the year, we will see the jobs killing regulations that are hammering small businesses repealed and taken off of the books. a third critical issue is tax reform. i believe that we will pass fundamental tax reform either this summer or this fall. now, the details of that are still up in the air, but i will tell you what i am urging the president, i am urging two words -- bold and simple.
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there is power in bold simplicity. kwlly, i'd like to see a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. some people in washington say, oh, that is a little extreme, and maybe we should just decrease the top marge ral rate of 39.7%, and let me ask you something, is that anymore radical or extreme or in any more surprising to washington than electing donald trump as president? the voters have given us a bold mandate for change. we have a republican in the
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white house, and we have republicans in every agency of government, and we are have republicans majorities in both houses of congress, and how about we act like it. the fourth major issue that we are going to tackle is we are going to confirm judge neil gor sich such the supreme court. the confirmation hearings start next week. i fully expect the democrats to be lighting their hair on fire. they may actually literally light their hair on fire. i expect them to scream and yell and do everything they can to impugn the good judge's
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integrity, but i expect that next week also the american people are going to be seeing a judge, a principled constitutionalist who will follow the law, who will uphold the bill of right, and who will uphold free speech, and uphold second amendment right to keep and bear arms, and who is going to keep his oath to the constitution and to defend the people of the united states of america. and you know what? if we do all of that, if we repeal obamacare and we see fundamental reg are reform, and fundamental tax reform, and we confirm a strong conservative the supreme court 2017 is going to be a blockbusterer year. so every one of you can turn to your neighbor and say thank you. because it is each of you that
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got us here to where we are today that has put us in a position to recapture the country and it is each of you that is holding us accountable to keep our promise to defend lib erty and to defend the constitution and to defend the united states of america. thank you and god bless you! >> let's get a picture. senator ted cruz! right out the crowd. hey, is eric canter speaking today? all right. he got voted out. they say that you can't primary
11:06 am
these guys out. you know, they are the only people who can run government. that happens. it is live radio. i love the fact that ted cruz is literally walking through the crowd right now shaking hands. that is why you love him. whenever there is a primary challenge, the establishment always laughs, right? it will never happen, and you will never vote him out, and who are the nobodies who think that they will come in here and challenge us. i have two words for you. dave bratt. i don't need anymore than that, do i? representative dave bratt >> all right. how are you doing? figures i have to go after ted
11:07 am
cruz, and thanks for all he does. i thought that he was in the hockey hut grabbing warm cocoa before he came out here. i went to high school in minnesota, and so this is a spring day. we are all tough and have it made. it is an honor to be here. and senator mike lee is down here getting ready to clean up. i am here with all of the heros of the freedom movement. i want to -- he said everything that i wanted to say, so i want to go back to the basics a little bit, and hey, by the way, major, who is here from virginia. woo-hoo! all right. who is here from the 7 seventh district of virginia, all right. thank you for coming out. that is my district. in my view, three things made this country great. first and foremost, the judeo-christian tradition without which you don't get anything else. out of that comes the rule of law, and you have moses and paul ryan looking out at moses first thing every time, and then finally at the end, if you are
11:08 am
really lucky, and i wore the anna smith tie, what do you get at the end of the tradition? free markets and freedom and all of the things that made us free most all of which came from virginia. i will brag a little bit. thomas jeffson and james madison, et cetera. so what are we here fighting for? we are here to fight for our freedom, and right now, who is in charge of your health care? you or the federal government? so that is the issue. that is what we are fighting for and when you go back home to talk common sense and you say that you are going to be repealing obamacare, does that mean that the federal government is still in charge of your health care? that is what we are fighting for. ted cruz up here, and rand paul on every tv show the last two weeks if you turn on the tv, there's all of the senators fight iing for us. and senator ted cruz is breaking the china in the china shop,
11:09 am
right? the rest of the senate is telling us, hey sh, we have a parliamentarian, and they make the rules and we can't put what we want over to the senate. what do we got to say about that and who do we wantb in the chair on that day? vice president pence? put him in the chair, and now here is what we have to do. what is driving the price of obamacare, and the prices are going up by 25% right now, right? under the new bilksbill, the ho bill, they said that the -- the cbo said it would go down by 10%, and so here we go with the math majors. prices up by 25%, and reduce it by 10%, how much are they still going up? 15. so is that good enough for you or do we need to keep going? the price reduction came from getting rid of the insurance regulations, one of them, the bronze, platinum, silver thing
11:10 am
which saved 10%, and you think that we need to get rid of a few more? okay. that is bucket two. that is what the leadership is promising coming next. first make the government bigger and then we promise you free markets later. do you think that we should do socialism first and then try the work in the free market? or do you think that we ought to start with the free market and then take care of those truly in need which this country always does. all right. i'm with you. they told me 4:00, and i am probably already over. but it is an honor to be with you guys, and that is the main thing that we have to do, keep it straight and simple, and you have to get the federal government out of health care. that is the issue, right? keep it straight. how many of you are wright letters in the newspapers? how many of you are lying right now? all right. get going. and we need you. you are the voice of america.
11:11 am
your freedom. and by the way, has anybody here thanked adam brandon here? adam and freedom works put this to happen, and so thank you, and god bless for allowing this to happen. god bless. >> representative dave bratt. i have to take the mic back. you know, it is amazing to have freedom works invite the tea party patriots and another organization here in washington, d.c., doing this for a long time. and one of the few organizations that loves talk radio so much. they have a studio inside of their offices. i am talking about the heritage foundation. please welcome the executive vice president of communication s dan holler.
11:12 am
>> how are you doing? you are cold? yeah. you need a hat? i am going to be quick, because mike lee is coming up next, and he is going to be awesome. so i wanted to tell you something that dave bratt didn't. speaker ryan was right about something. he didn't know that he was right, but he was right. we have a binary choice. we can either get rid of obamacare or basically keep it in place. the bill in the house basically keeps it in place. we reject that choice, right? it is important, and we can learn from history. back in 2003, the chairman of the rsc, the republican study committee went to the house floor, and stood up and said, you know what? despite the best efforts of my leadership, i cannot vote for this bill.
11:13 am
it is the largest entitlement expansion in 65 years, and i will not do it. that guy, that was mike pence. he is the vice president of the united states now. mike pence is a beacon of hope for all of the conservatives in 2003 when the republicans were expanding the entitlement. and with need new leaders in washington right now to stand up. we saw mark med dose and jim jordan and dave bratt and tom cotton and mike lee who going to be up here, and ted cruz, and they are leading this fight, and in our congressional leaders need to follow them so we can actual ly repeal obamacare. we can do it, and they need to hear your voice to make it happen, because it is not what happens up here, but it is what you all want, and they need to hear it. thank you for being up upper hoo, and remember, we can do this and we can actually are repeal obamacare.
11:14 am
>> once again, we are broadcasting live on the sirius xm channel, the patriot channel 125. and i was about to do the broadcast at the top of the hour, but i figured i would just do it from this mike. when i use the phrase intellectual constitutional conservative, i apply it to very few people. there are very few people i call intellectual constitutional c conservative, because it is tough, and it means understanding how the government works and it means that sometimes believing in something, but saying loudly, hey, this is not for the government. very few people who can separate their opinions from what it is they believe about the government. whether we are talking about the same sex marriage or abortion or wealth redistribution or whatever it is.
11:15 am
it is very tough for the people to separate their opinions from their knowledge of the constitution. i am almost geek iing out with e next guest, because senator mike lee is one of those people that when it comes to adherence to the constitution i can think of you who are more intellectual, more passionate and more understanding about how this government is supposed to work. please give it up for senator mike lee. >> thank you, andrew willco, and i'm a big fan of the show, and if you don't listen, you should. i'm mike lee. i come from a state called utah. it is snowing and we don't technically call it snow in utah, but it can pass for that. you know, i ran for the united
11:16 am
states senate a few years ago and elected in 2010. and i decided to run for the senate, because i have come to believe that the federal government has become too big and too expensive, and anybody agree with that? and it has become that way specifically, because it forgot about the reasons that it was created in the first place. it forgot about the rules that are designed to keep you, we, the people, in charge of our own government rather than the other way around. our founding fathers understood from sad experience that bad things happen when you elect too few people to exercise all of the power. it is bad, isn't it? look, human beings are flawed and make mistakes and they are redeemable, but they are flawed and they abuse the power when they get too much of it. that is why we have the brilliant compromise which is the u.s. constitution.
11:17 am
i happy to have a copy of it right there. by the way, the only reason i know anything about it is because i read it. i encourage you to do the same. these words are still simple. they are still easy to understand. still words that we need to read all of the time. i read it a lot, and yet i keep it with me all of the time so i can refer to it when i need to, and every once in a while, you might get it messed up so, i encourage you the read it. i also wrote a book about it called "the lost constitution" and that helps, but this is the most important part. the constitution divides power in two ways. first, along the vertical axis by saying that most of the power is to stay close to people at the state and the local level, with you, right? and then it says, within washington, we have three branches. one that makes the law, and one that enforces the law, and one that interprets the law. and you know what we have seen
11:18 am
over the last 80 years, under the leadership of both political parties, both of those protections have been ignored and both of them weakened and power taken away from you h, the people n two steps. first, the the power taken from the people, and from the 50 state, and moved to washington and within washington transferred to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, and has this been good for you? no. has this been good for government bureaucrats? has it been good for a small number of entrenched elite. do we need to the turn it around and return to the constitution? yes, we do. yes, we can. and yes, we will. now, you want to know something interesting that has happened. as we have taken the power away from the people in the two steps, from the people, and to within washington over to the executive branch bureaucrats, a very few people have gotten really rich, and really powerful off of this arrangement.
11:19 am
you want to know anything interesting? six of the nation's ten wealthiest counties are now suburbs of washington, d.c. this is an area that manufactures nothing. this is an area that is not a banking hub. it is not a home of vast natural resources or technological innovation hub. no, the power is here, and the money is here, and the only reason that the money is here is because the power is here. the power needs to be turned back to you, the american people. which brings us to why we are here today. seven years ago next week, congress passed the affordable care act, the patient protection, and the affordable care act. i know. and it is the or wellian name, because what it does is the opposite. has it made your health insurance more affordableb? we have seen health care prices
11:20 am
skyrocket. and now it has been really good for a handful of insurance companies, hasn't it? and it has been really good for a handful of bureaucrats, hasn't it? but it has hurt everybody else. that is why the story of oobamacare is consistent with the stoir. >> referee: the rest of the constitution, we have to restore the power back to the people. you know something interesting, franklin d. roosevelt was the friend of the for ggotten man, d he borrowed the term from graham sumner who wrote about mitt the 1800s, and the forgotten man was somebody like you and me, and the forgotten man and woman is the hardworking taxpayer who just wants to put the bread on the table for the family, and not the target of any government program, but free and prosper, and he does best when the government allows him to do what he does best which is to work hard to provide for his own family. it is the for ggotten man who h
11:21 am
suffered most, and the forgotten man who has been punished as government elite have been made powerful and richer by a powerful government, and it is time for us to turn it around. only a couple of years ago after we got the ma jjority, the republicans with the majority of the senate, and we have the majority in the house of representatives in part because of obama care, and we started to talk about passing the obamacare repeal bill, and we were told by a few people in the house of representatives that all we could pass is a watered down version of obamacare, and one that didn't get rid of a lot of the programs. they were not right. we ended up passing something more aggressive than that, and that is what can be the case here, too. it is time for us to make a decision. are we going the repeal obamacare? are you going to encourage your senators and representatives to
11:22 am
do the same? will you stand with me in putting the american people, and doctors back in charge of their own health care decisions. we can do it, folks. together, we can. we must, and we will. thank you very much. >> senator mike lee. all right. so here we are, and you have been out in the cold, and i have been out in the cold. this is the part now where you guys go and again storm congress. so what i want to do is to go back to the broadcast position, and bring up the director of events for freedom works who is going to wrap it up, and then in you guys go, and give it to noah wahl. >> hello team. now we have to storm congress. i need you the split into the teams that you came with. most of you came by buses, and i need you to raise up, the team leaders to raise up the placards and i need you the join up with the team, and go to talk to your
11:23 am
members of congress and tell them why we need to repeel obamacare. tell them why they need to keep the promises. we have to make this happen. so join with your team, and let's make it happen. thank you, and i'm going to pass it back to our good friend the w wilko majority. thank you very much. >> guys, one last things text full repeal to 388873. 388873. full repeal. i will make sure that freedom works gets all of the contact information so that we know who was here today. thank you. >> all right. let's get it done. if you were not a member of a group, then hang out here with me, and we will get you set up to go talk to members of
11:24 am
congress. thank you again. the national review is hosting a day long summit here in washington. earlier we brought you comments fromel


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